Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Beginnings (and Mud Cake)

From now on, this will be my photoblog. No words, no ramblings... just photos. It's been great fun having this blog, and I wish to thank all my readers. Too bad I didn't last one year. Oh well.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Earl Grey Panna Cotta

So... I've made a Tumblr. I'm still in the process of customizing it, but I expect it to be completed soon. There will still be one or two posts before I shift to my new blog. I have, however imported all my posts, so I won't lose anything.

I conjured this recipe myself. I was looking for a delicate cream, scented with Earl Grey, served in teacups. Considering I had no idea what i was doing, this was actually quite tasty (if I do say so myself).

I will send all my subscribers the link to my Tumblr account, and I would greatly appreciate it if they could follow me there.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies

Been a while. I am postponing my change to Tumblr as I am having second thoughts. It would be like starting a completely new blog, and I've had this blog for almost a year. I'll probably need a second opinion.

Today's yumminess comes in the form of a cookie.

Cookie? Yes, Peanut Butter Cookie.

I have a friend who is in love with peanut butter. He knows who he is. I enjoy the odd spoonful of peanut butter but can't eat it in a sandwich. I don't know why. I can, however, happily eat a trayful of these cookies. They were flavoursome and yum.

Two types of cookies in a row? I know, but stay tuned because I have something awesome to show you guys in a few days/weeks. Bye.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Totally Chocolate Chocolate Cookies

These are totally chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. They contain chocolate in four forms: cocoa powder, melted chocolate, dark chocolate bits and white chocolate bits. The original recipe called for chocolate chips which I found out I did not have. Instead I chopped up some dark chocolate and white chocolate. This resulted in a much richer cookie. But what's wrong with that?

I did give some out to celebrate the end of yearlies. They were hugely appreciated. With so much chocolate, these cookies can sink a ship with its decadence. Due to the price of chocolate, these were probably also the most expensive cookies I've ever made. All the more to prize them for.

Some news: It is very likely that I will be moving this blog to Tumblr. Friends have told me that Tumblr is better for blogs with a lot of photos. If you wish to know my new link, please e-mail me at I am only doing this because there are some people who I do not wish to know my new blog's address. I will keep this blog running but I am not sure what will happen in the future. I would appreciate it if my followers could follow me on Tumblr, once I get the new blog running.