Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York Cheesecake

Feels like an eternity since my last post. Things have been hectic, what with Chinese New Year and people coming to my house etc. etc. Our family celebrate the New Year with tons of dumplings and watching the New Year Gala. It starts at 11pm here in Sydney and goes 'til 4am the next day. I've never been able to stay up for the whole show. Also, some family friends came over and we went to the Blue Mountains, and my god was there fog.

There's this place called Echo Point where you can see the Three Sisters, but it was completely white. Not sure whether to be amazed or freaked out.

Anyways, yesterday I made cheesecake. Cheesecakes rank up there with my all-time favourite desserts, along with fried ice-cream and mango pudding. I can bet that there are thousands, if not millions of cheesecake recipes out there, including baked, no-bake, new york, roman, french etc. etc. I was browsing Kraft's online videos when their New York cheesecake caught my eye. It was simple enough so I decided to make it.

It definitely needed some tartness, in the form of lemon juice and/or lemon zest. It was too simply too rich. I think I aerated it too much because there was this giant ugly crack down one side and it was not dense like good cheesecakes should be. The recipe calls for cherry pie filling as a topping but we don't get that in Australia, nor do we get cool whip, which sucks, so I grated some dark chocolate over the top. It has an oreo base, which is 20 oreos bashed together, but it doesn't say to srape away the white filling inside. As a result, the white filling stuck to the sides of the plastic bag along with alot of the cookie crumbs. Aside from that everybody thought it was nice. Nice, but not fantastic.

Recipe obtained from here.

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