Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coconut (and Lime) Ice Cream

Ok, I know I post infrequently but that's because I'm a student. hey, study's gotta come first right? But I will try to post 1-2 times a week 'cos that's how many recipes I can make per week. My mum says that I make the kitchen all messy and stuff. >=(

So today I went to a local store called Victoria's Basement. It's full of kitchenware, bakeware, dinnerware etc. and at a fraction of their retail price. Guess what I bought? A footed cake stand, with a cover, a fluted tube pan (it's easier to say bundt pan, but because it's not from Nordic Ware, I can't), and two square plates. The first thing that I will be making with my fluted tube pan is monkey bread. You know, the bits of dough which you have to pull apart that's cinnamon-flavoured and sticky. Well most recipes I've found need refridgerated biscuits. WTF? My first reaction was how on earth do you refridgerate biscuits? Are they cooked? Are they frozen? What's the deal? Then I discovered that they 1) are canned and probably full of preservatives and other nasties and 2) are not found in Australia. Ok, so that's 3 things we don't get in Australia that Americans have at their fingertips. Wonder what else I can add to that list...

Anyways, I made ice cream a few days ago and well... I didn't like it. I've had a bad relationship with limes from an incident a few years back, and still haven't warmed up to them. This recipe for coconut ice cream had barely no coconut flavour and a hell a lot of lime..

Maybe the lack of coconut is because I used only 300mL instead of 400, because I ran out, and used milk for the remainder. I tasted it while it was in the ice cream machine and thought, nah-uh this ain't gonna do. So I soaked some shredded coconut and dropped them in. Baaaad move. In the end, it was super grainy from the still hard coconut pieces and much more liquidy than other ice creams I've made. I also strayed from the recipe by omitting the ginger. I thought, coconut, lime and ginger? I don't think my family's gonna like this. Well turns out they don't like it even without the ginger. It was icy, and sour... yeck. Oh well, you can't always succeed can you?

Recipe obtained from here.

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