Monday, July 5, 2010

Peach and Cream Cheese Mille Feuille

 I have been eye-balling this recipe since I received my copy of Simply Heaven. When I bought the packet of filo pastry, I wanted to make this but I didn't have time. Yesterday marked the start of the school holidays, so why not make it?

Mille Feuille means thousand leaves in French and is originally 3 layers of puff pastry filled with a cream of some sort. This is a more contemporary version, with cream cheese and canned peaches. For some reason my cooking spray wasn't working properly, so the layers of filo did not stick together. I used the single sheets to make round 3-layered mille feuilles, and the sheets which stuck together for 2-layered rectangular ones.

The canned peaches are coated in a syrup made with vanilla essence and brown sugar. I used my very own vanilla essence which I made a few months ago. It smells fantastic. Spreadable cream cheese is then combined with caster sugar to create the 'cream'.

The result was absolutely delicious. It was fruity and creamy. The crunch of the pastry also adds great texture.


Obtained from Simply Heaven, by Philadelphia

Serves 6

4 sheets filo pastry
Olive oil spray
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
825g can peach slices, drained
250g Philadelphia Spreadable Light Cream Cheese
1/4 cup pure icing sugar
Extra icing sugar for dusting

1. Spray each sheet of filo with oil and stack on top of each other. Cut into 12 even rectangles (or circles). Place on a lined oven tray and bake in a hot oven 200°C for 4-5 minutes or until crisp and golden. Cool on a wire rack.

2. Heat the brown sugar and vanilla in a non-stick frypan stirring until dissolved. Add peaches and cook a further minute until coated. Allow to cool.

3. Combine the Philly and icing sugar. Place one filo rectangle on a serving plate, gently spread with the Philly and top with peaches. Place another rectangle on top. Repeat with remaining filo, Philly and peaches to make 6 stacks. Dust with icing sugar. Serve immediately.

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  1. You will be a great chef (follow your dreams)